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Heating & Air Conditioning Installation for Your Home

To keep your home comfortable all year long, you’ll need to have the right HVAC system installed. Choosing the best is no small task since every home is different and every household comes with a unique set of needs and desires.

You want a reliable brand but you want to keep your budget. You want the best products and you want expert installation. You want your appliances to last. You want friendly service and a maintenance plan that fits your lifestyle and your budget. Where to begin?

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It helps to get expert advice from a well-known leader in the business. And you benefit when your HVAC installation or replacement is handled by people who care. For almost four decades, Kaiser AC has served homeowners in Ventura County and surrounding areas with personalized service, expert advice, qualified professional installation, and more.

Free Advice From Professionals Who Care

You’ll want to shop around before you decide who you’d like to work with for your HVAC project. We understand! That’s why we provide free advice, right here on this page. Below, you’ll find a mini-guide to all the different HVAC options we offer. Feel free to browse them all. Then, if you feel ready, we invite you to call Kaiser AC for a free quote.

Let’s Get it Right

Your home’s HVAC system is one of your biggest expenses, so it’s a smart move to understand your options and get things right the first time.

A professional service provider and installer can help guide you toward better decisions but the more you know, the better off you’ll be. You’ll get more out of your free consultation, you’ll ask better questions, and you’ll be in a better position to evaluate the recommendations your HVAC professional makes to you with a customized plan.


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Here’s some basic info on the various components of an HVAC system you might be considering for your home.  

Replacing or Upgrading Your HVAC System

Gas & Oil Furnaces

Tip: Look for high AFUE ratings


Energy efficiency is always key and these days, it’s easy to make it a priority. We’re seeing highly efficient furnaces roll off the production lines at every major manufacturer.

Here’s a tip: a good way to tell if a furnace is efficient enough is to look at its AFUE rating. AFUE stands for Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency. Basically, it’s a measure of how much heat you get based on the fuel you put in. The higher the number, the higher the efficiency of your furnace. Many of the models we sell have an AFUE rating over 98! If you’re due for a new furnace, ask us about this and more, including self-calibrated models and furnaces with dual fuel capacity.  

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Air Conditioners

Tip: For older units, consider replacement over repair. For comfort & reliability, get help choosing the right unit


The average life expectancy of an air conditioning system is about 15 to 20 years. The older your system gets, the less efficient it becomes. You may have noticed it also becomes noisier! If this is your system, then it’s a good time to think about a replacement or an overhaul.

Even if yours is only ten years old, you could be looking at significant energy savings with a newer model that’s more efficient. The technology behind today’s air conditioners has advanced far beyond what was available just ten years ago. In 2015, the U.S. Department of Energy issued new efficiency standards for central air conditioners. If your current system predates those new standards, then you may benefit in a number of ways by opting for a newer system.

Replacing your old unit with a new one that’s more energy-efficient make sense for most people. And you won’t have to sacrifice energy efficiency for cost-effectiveness because we offer competitive pricing on Energy Star® products as well as super-efficient, dual-stage AC units.

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Heat Pumps

Tip: Check the SEER ratings for maximum efficiency


Just like all the other major appliances you have in your home and in your HVAC system, your heat pump should be efficient — it shouldn’t have to work too hard to keep your home comfortable. The key to getting the right heat output is choosing the right size for your home and your family’s needs. You’ll need to choose a model that’s efficient and you’ll also need to know how to use it properly.

Kaiser AC will come to your home and perform an evaluation. They’ll use the data they collect and the answers you provide to calculate the required heating capacity for your home and your family. That includes data about your home and the conditions under which the heat pump is expected to perform, such as:

  • Whether there is insulation in your ceiling and floor
  • How cold it gets outside
  • The size of the area you need to be heated
  • Environmental considerations to avoid corrosion of the unit

The heat pump will need to be properly sized and well-installed for peak performance and to avoid noise nuisance. New efficiency standards for residential heat pumps were issued by the federal government in 2015 so you can expect more options to choose from when efficiency is a priority.

Just check the SEER rating of the models you’re considering purchasing. A heat pump with a high SEER rating really can save you hundreds of dollars each year in lower energy bills.

So two things when it comes to heat pumps: get the right size and choose higher SEER ratings when looking to have a heat pump installed.  

Ask Us About Choosing Heat Pumps

Packaged Units

Tip: Ask about accessory-ready units for better indoor air quality


A packaged unit is a great option for homeowners who are interested in a space-saving solution for their HVAC system. These self-contained heating and cooling units are installed outdoors with no need for an indoor furnace or an air handler. They’re ideal for when you don’t have a basement and many homeowners have them installed on their rooftop. They’re flexible little workhorses that can be ordered and configured to just about any environment and any home.

Choose gas & electric, all-electric, heat pump models, and dual-fuel models, all of which feature a compact design and quiet operation. Kaiser AC can help you customize your model even further with an accessory-ready model. Combine your packaged unit with an air purification accessory that destroys airborne contaminants. These include Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), bioaerosols, and particulates.

Inquire About Packaged Units

Air Handlers

Tip: Consider allergen & humidity control options


What do air handlers do? Plenty! They help distribute the warmed or cooled air from your air conditioner, furnace, or heat pump. That ensures even temperatures throughout your home, not just near your HVAC ducts.

Air handlers can also help keep the air you breath clean and healthy. You can even add an air cleaner or a thermostat to your system. Kaiser AC can help you understand the different options for your air handler, including solutions for high humidity areas. We can explain the benefits of variable-speed motors or why soft starts are a good thing. Be sure to work with a professional HVAC installer and make sure the air handler you purchase is matched to your AC unit or system.

Ask Us About Air Handlers

Gas & Oil Boilers

Tip: Go for Energy Star® models for seamless integration with traditional systems


Kaiser AC helps homeowners by putting together state-of-the-art, energy-efficient HVAC systems that incorporate the latest in technology. But we also work with homeowners who want to upgrade their traditional radiator heating systems! Boilers, whether they burn gas or oil, can be installed for seamless integration with any traditional heating system.

With a new boiler, you can look forward to quiet, draft-free heating. A popular option for many of Ventura County’s residents with radiator heating is cast aluminum heat exchangers, which offer improved heat transfer. If you have under-floor heating, we can suggest a suitable, energy-efficient boiler that will easily integrate with your existing system.

We work with homeowners to find top quality residential HVAC boilers that suit their individual needs for reliable comfort and warmth. There are numerous models we can suggest, based on your home and your needs, that qualify for the Energy Star® rating. Just ask!

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Garage Heaters

Tip: No space is too hard to heat — just ask us for advice!


Want to winterize a garage or other utility space on your property? Need to store beverages or house plants and keep them from freezing? Want to keep enjoying your hobbies all year?

If you need more comfort in your garage or workspace, Kaiser AC can help. There are many low-profile designs for when space is at a premium. There are units to heat large industrial workspaces, too. They also come in a range of different fuel options. Remember: we can customize HVAC solutions for any space! Whether it’s noise, dust, or high humidity that concerns you, we’ll find a heater that works in any hard-to-heat environment… even when negative pressure is a problem.

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Mini Split Systems

Tip: Ask about money-saving rebates


For some homeowners and businesses, a central AC system just isn’t an option. Maybe you just don’t have ducts. Or maybe you need to cool just one or two rooms and you’re looking for an energy-efficient solution. A mini-split system can be the right solution for you.

There are several reasons why the mini-split can be a better alternative to a typical window-mounted unit:

  • Energy Star® qualified systems save you money
  • Cleaner
  • Quieter
  • More efficient
  • More secure
  • Expert Kaiser-installed systems

There’s really no competition when it comes to comparing the typical window unit to a mini-split system. Rather than filling a window with an AC unit, a mini-split system delivers comfort-controlled air through an interior wall-mounted unit. The second half of the ‘split’ is installed nearby outdoors. The two units are connected by a small hole in the wall. More secure because nobody can climb through and it’s less vulnerable to insects and weather.

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Radiant Floor Heating Systems

Tip: Ensure proper installation for energy savings


You may have heard about radiant floor heating but do you know how it works? Cables or tubing are installed underneath your flooring material (or in some cases, the tubes are embedded in the flooring material). The cables or tubes are filled with a fluid and heated by electricity. The floor is actually what’s getting heated up and in turn, your floor warms up the room by transferring the heat into your living space.  

The key to bringing such an advanced system together is proper installation. A qualified professional like the folks who work at Kaiser AC can help you determine which rooms in your home are eligible for radiant floor heating. Also called ‘warm floor’ heating systems, they can sometimes result in as much as 25 percent savings in energy costs over forced air heating systems. We sell Watts Radiant brand systems. They’re engineered for safety and reliability and can work under stone and tile floors as well as in your basement.

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