Homeowners have two different methods for cooling their homes: window AC units and central air conditioning units. There are key differences between the two options, and it is best to evaluate these when determining the most efficient way to keep your home cooled.


Window AC Units Pros

One of the few advantages to window units is their cost but they are not designed to last as long.

Window AC Units Cons

  1. Difficult to service. Oftentimes when things go wrong, the unit cannot be repaired, so it has to be replaced.
  2. Allow air and humidity into the home. It is next to impossible to fully seal the opening the unit requires. This means humidity and air are getting into the home, causing the unit to run longer and harder.
  3. Tend to overheat on hot days. Window units have a bad problem of freezing up and overheating on extremely hot days because they simply cannot keep on cooling the room.
  4. Only cool a single room. A wall unit does not have the capacity to cool multiple rooms within the home and would require units in every room you want to keep cool.


Central AC Units Pros

  1. It is easy to get AC repair and maintenance service.  
  2. Since the windows are kept shut, there are no air leaks, and humidity levels are easy to control
  3. Central AC units are much larger and able to properly cool the home, even on the hottest of days, without any risks of overheating and freezing up.
  4. Temperature levels throughout the home are more consistent and can even be managed using a programmable thermostat.


Central AC Units Cons

One of the few cons could be the increased cost for a central AC unit. However, central units are designed to last significantly longer than window units, so, in the long run, the overall costs between the two are almost equivalent. Plus, many AC installation companies offer financing programs to help offset the upfront costs.

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