What is Value?

Is value the cheapest price?

We believe value is getting the maximum out of your investment.

Here’s 3 things that make Kaiser Air Conditioning a more valuable service:

1) We’re one of the few companies in Ventura County to offer a load calculation to size the equipment properly for your home. Without this analysis it’s simply left to guesswork to determine the right capacity of heating or cooling your home needs. An oversized unit cause it to cycle on and off, resulting in a higher electrical bill and a shorter lifespan of your equipment. An undersized unit will struggle to keep your house cool.


2) Let’s talk about quality control. Not only is a manager involved in every project, but following the completion of every installation, we send an independent quality control team to verify that your system is running optimally. They’ll also explain the thermostat settings, go over the warranty information with you, and answer any questions you may have.


3) Every installation includes a three year labor warranty, in addition to the manufacturer’s warranty, AND a one year complimentary maintenance service. That’s genuine value. That’s Kaiser Air Conditioning!  

That’s genuine value. That’s Kaiser Air Conditioning.