Whether you live in a house or an apartment, the hotter days of summer are coming and soon you’ll be looking for relief from the heat. The good news is that you don’t have to swelter; there are many types of air conditioning systems to choose from.



Air Conditioning Options for Your House

Central air conditioning is a common way for homeowners to cool indoor air in summer. Of the different types of central air, the most common design, called a “split system,” involves an indoor coil and outdoor condenser with compressor. Refrigerant is circulated between these two components, and it both cools and dehumidifies indoor air.


A split ductless system, as its name implies, doesn’t require a series of ducts to transport cool air throughout. Instead, it employs one to several wall-mounted indoor blower units with a single condenser located outdoors. Tubing connects the compressor to the wall-mounted units, carrying refrigerant to each blower.


Air Conditioning Options for Your Apartment

Window units are a simple solution for cooling your apartment. Most units will fit into windows of standard size and offer hassle-free installation as well as affordability. However, there are certain window types into which these units simply won’t fit. Where this is the case, a portable unit may be the best solution.


Portable units sit on the floor and have a hose to transfer warm air outside. Single and dual hose units are available. For larger spaces, a dual hose unit offers more efficiency, as it uses existing indoor air both to cool the air inside and keep the unit itself from overheating.


Some types of AC service, such as wall-mounted and central air units, require professional assistance to install, If you are considering these units for your home, calling an HVAC technician is critical.


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