It is always important to keep your house ventilated and safe for your family. If your home heating and cooling system is operating at peak performance, there is no reason you cannot enjoy the indoor environment at your preferred temperature levels. However, just like other mechanical things, heating and AC systems require regular maintenance and repairs, and eventually wear out and need to be replaced.


Some of the key questions you need ask before obtaining new AC installation include:

  • What is the age of your current system? If the system is eight to ten years old or older, it could be time to get a new system.
  • What other types of repairs are needed? In some cases, the AC cooling problems within the home are not due to the outside unit, but could be related to leaky ductwork, poor insulation in the home, and other issues.
  • What are the potential energy savings with a new system? Newer systems offer energy savings over older units, so the savings you gain with lower energy bills could help to pay for them in a few short years. Plus, there could be potential tax benefits from upgrading to a new energy efficient system.
  • How often is AC service required? If you are having to repair one thing after another to keep the AC running, it is often better to upgrade to a new system, as you could actually end up spending more on repairs than it would end up being to get a new AC for your home.

For help answering the above questions, request an in-home heating and cooling system inspection from a qualified heating and AC technician. The purpose of this visit is to conduct a detailed inspection of your entire heating and cooling system to determine the exact problems.


From there, your technician will discuss with you what options are available and which ones they would recommend. To schedule an in-home inspection, service, or repair of your AC system, contact Kaiser AC today by calling (805) 988-1800.