The holiday season often brings with it an increase in energy usage in homes all across the country. The increase is attributed to the number of holiday decorations people put up and plug into their electrical outlets. Aside from the twinkling lights and sounds of our decorations, another cause for an increase in energy usage is from colder winter temperatures, requiring us to run our furnaces more often to keep our homes comfortable.


If you dread opening your energy bills in January because you know they will be high, consider these tips on reducing your energy usage this holiday season:

  1. Replace traditional lights with energy efficient LED lights. Old strings of holiday lights use more electricity than LED lights. Depending on how long you leave them on this can add up to hundreds of dollars over the holiday season.
  2. Schedule heater repair and maintenance on your furnace. Annual maintenance and repair help identify problems before they become major repairs. Plus, your technician ensures your heating system is operating optimally and efficiently.
  3. Have a programmable thermostat installed. Programmable thermostats make it easier to regulate the temperatures within the home. Most people have different settings for days during the week and weekends based upon when they will be home. The thermostat can be automatically lowered while away, and then automatically adjusted back up to the desired temperature shortly before returning home.
  4. Replace your furnace if it is ten years or older. Older furnaces use more energy than modern ones. There is also a higher risk of breakdowns and repairs with older systems, too. Getting a new furnace installed often pays for itself within less than five years with the energy savings alone.
  5. Weatherproof windows and doors. Air leaks around windows and doors can cause your furnace to run more often.
  6. Increase attic insulation. Adding several inches of insulation helps prevent heat loss through the attic and roof.

For more tips on how you can reduce your energy bills during the holidays and year-round, call the home heating and cooling experts at Kaiser Air Conditioning by phoning (805) 988-1800 now!