No heating system lasts forever and, eventually, you will have to replace your furnace. The initial upfront costs of a new system can be more than most homeowners can afford to spend at one time, but there are some useful tips and suggestions you can use to help save on the cost of a new furnace installation.



  1. Set aside money each week for major home expenses. Since most heating and cooling systems last between 10 and 15 years, if you put $20 a week into a savings account over the course of five years, you should have plenty of money set aside for a new furnace.
  2. Explore current incentives and rebates offered by the major manufacturers. If your furnace breaks down unexpectedly, and you do not have enough saved for a new one, find out which manufacturers offer rebates to help lower the cost.
  3. Check out partner offers available through warehouse club memberships. You might be able to get a better deal on the unit, but you will still need to pay for installation.
  4. Apply for financing. Most HVAC installation companies can refer you to lenders that specialize in financing, or you can check with your own bank or credit union.
  5. Research incentives available through federal, state, or local governments or your utility provider. Sometimes there are tax incentives, special rebate programs, and other options available to help reduce the cost for a new furnace and its installation, and it could even be stackable.
  6. Obtain at least three different quotes from qualified furnace installers. Sometimes prices will vary, based upon the volume of units a particular company sells, so you might find one that offers the unit for less.


Once you decide which options will work best for your needs, make sure the new furnace is sized correctly for your home. Last, always hire a licensed and experienced installer to perform the work, like Kaiser Air Conditioning, as HVAC systems have complex configurations and wiring. For current promotions or a quote on a new furnace for your home, call us at (805) 988-1800 today!