David and Alane of Saticoy called Kaiser AC for help in solving a problem with their less than ideal heating and cooling system that was providing uneven performance throughout the house. The home’s main thermostat was located in the upper level and was prohibiting even heating or cooling for the master bedroom and bathroom suite on the lower level.

After visiting the home, Kaiser AC’s HVAC technicians were able to determine that a Lennox Harmony III zone system matched with a Lennox 2-stage variable furnace (model SL280), a Lennox 2 stage (16 SEER) A/C unit (model XC16) would provide increased interior comfort and additional energy savings.

Ducting was also replaced with new flexible ducting that maintains a R6 insulation value coupled with manual dampers.

David and Alane now can heat or cool the master suite and the home’s upper level independently or at the same time and will enjoy optimum comfort and value for years to come.

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