For the average household, around 41% of energy usage can be attributed to maintaining comfort in the home.

This makes the HVAC unit one of the largest investments that home-owners make in their home and their comfort. On top of this, decisions you make today will impact you for the life your unit.

Because of this, it’s so important that you understand the solutions available to meet your home and family’s unique needs.

For this reason, Kaiser Air Conditioning is proud to be a Lennox Premier Dealer. Find out why.


What Does It Mean to Be a Lennox Premier Dealer?

Not just any dealer can call themselves a Lennox Premier Dealer. This designation is reserved for those who have undergone a strenuous certification process.

And they’ve set themselves apart as the creme de la creme in the industry.


Highest Level Skill

If you have comfort needs, this Lennox Dealer can evaluate your unique situation and provide you with custom solutions.

Does one of your rooms get hot while the rest of the house is cold? Do some areas seem to have stale air flow? Are allergies a problem?

Lennox Premier Dealers have completed in-depth training that allows them to provide answers to help you achieve optimal comfort.

In most cases, the level of comfort goes far beyond any preconceived notions of just how comfortable the home or office can be.


State-of-the-art Technology

We have access to state-of-the-art home solutions. And lest you think, state-of-the-art equals more money. Know that these solutions include some of the most energy-efficient models on the market.

Energy efficient models can cut energy usage by 20%-50%. For most of us, the HVAC is the appliance in the home that uses — by far — the most energy. So this is huge savings.


Customer Satisfaction

As a Lennox dealer with the Premier designation we must deliver the highest level of customer satisfaction. We have the utmost dedication to the customer, quality and innovative solutions and it shows in our reviews as we have a nearly perfect 5 star rating.

Lennox Premier Dealer Rating

How Does a HVAC Company Become a Certified Lennox Dealer?

The Lennox Dealer meets certain criteria both to become a Premier Dealer and to remain one.

Qualifying isn’t just a one-time deal. That would be a disservice to customers.

Being a Lennox Premier Dealer is about meeting and exceeding standards and then continually looking for new ways to grow, improve and better meet customer needs.

This level of Lennox dealer must complete training with Lennox that covers how to achieve ultimate customer satisfaction through every step of the process.

After obtaining this designation, the Lennox dealer must retain between a 4 and 5-star rating on customer reviews.

You likely check out customer reviews on just about every major purchase you make. So you know the level of dedication it takes to maintain 4-5 stars.


What Are the Benefits of Being a Lennox Premier Dealer?

The benefits to the Lennox Dealer translate to better service for you the customer. Let’s look at some of these benefits.


 Greater Product Access

Lennox Premier Dealers get access to the top products in the industry. It’s not that hard to exceed customer expectations with this level of technology accessible to them.

This includes some of the quietest and most-efficient units on the market.


Exclusive Distribution & Support

Lennox Premier Dealers are like the VIPs in HVAC. We get the extra access and level of support from Lennox that translates to improved overall results for customers.

We benefit from:

  • 1-on-1 support
  • Complete access to Lennox sales teams
  • Consulting
  • Expert Assistance



A Lennox dealer with this designation is always current and knowledgeable because we have access to:

  • Industry-leading training
  • Online resources
  • Other learning solutions



Lennox Premier Dealers work smarter, not harder with LennoxPROs software that provides the seamless tools everyone needs to provide exceptional service.


Why Your Lennox Dealer Should Be a Lennox Premier Dealer

The HVAC industry is full of challenges. The Lennox Premier Program addresses these challenges.


HVAC Is a Major Long-term Investment

For both homeowners and business, purchasing a new unit is a big investment. Your choice today will impact you for over a decade down the road.

Because of the additional level of training the Premier companies undergo, you can rest assured that you’re working with the best.

This company knows how to ensure that you both get the best unit to meet your needs. And they have a maintenance program in place to keep that investment paying you back for years to come.


Seasonal Demand

HVAC is a complex industry with great uncertainty. Older units may freeze up. Hotter and colder outdoor temperatures mean more house calls because this is when units might struggle.

Your comfort is of utmost importance. And when your unit isn’t working as it should, you don’t want to hear that someone will be there next week. You need help ASAP.

This requires a greater level of proactive planning on the part of the company. Through it, they know they can meet demand even when things are uncertain.

In addition, prevention through proper maintenance helps ensure that most customers never experience these seasonal emergencies.

The additional training, support and resources available to this Lennox Dealer mean that they have the systems in place to better manage unpredictability.

This means faster, more reliable service. And in many cases, it means you never need emergency HVAC services in the first place.



New laws are passed in both Ventura County and the state to better protect the environment and consumers. But Lennox Premier Dealers already have access to the solutions that meet or exceed regulations.

We’re one step — or many — ahead in terms of efficiency, safety, etc. because we’re Premier.


Better Solutions. Better Service with a Lennox Premier Dealer

Lennox Premier Dealers understand how to deliver solutions that work and service to match. We benefit from additional training and resources that translate to better service for our clients.

Looking for better HVAC solutions here in Ventura County? Contact us to find out for yourself what makes us different.