Is Air Duct Cleaning Worth It?

Air ducts are pathways used in your heating, air conditioning and ventilation to deliver and remove air throughout your home. They are an important component of your HVAC system. As a homeowner, it’s important that ductwork is properly installed to avoid contamination that may lead to serious health problems. Working with a qualified installer ensures proper installation and cleaning of your ductwork.

While it’s important that your duct system is clean, you do not need to include air duct cleaning as part of your HVAC routine maintenance. In fact, EPA or the Environmental Protection Agency doesn’t recommend routine cleaning for your air ducts but only as needed. However, it is recommended that you work only with a professional or a qualified air duct cleaning specialist for your duct system.


How Air Duct Cleaning Works

Like all other appliances or fixtures, it is normal for your air ducts to be dusty or dirty. Over time, they may be contaminated by bacteria, mold, dust mites, pollen and other household pollutants. When this happens, you will need to call professional air duct cleaning in Ventura County.

Cleaning the air ducts helps with eliminating pet dander and other allergens that have built up or gathered in your ductwork. Qualified air duct cleaning specialists use specialized tools or equipment for effectively cleaning the air ducts. All of them have had proper training and certification. To ensure that your ductwork is clean and completely free from pollutants, get a qualified air duct cleaning specialist.

Duct cleaning involves cleaning all of the components of your heating and cooling system including the registers, supply and return air ducts, heating and cooling coils, drain pans, grilles and diffusers and the motor. Proper duct cleaning can be beneficial to the homeowners as it prevents air duct contamination. While it’s not recommended as part of routine HVAC maintenance, it is recommended that you select a qualified contractor.

Some homeowners may be lured into hiring “cheap” air duct cleaning that promises a lot. As much as possible, stay away from these sellers. It is risky to trust unqualified individuals for your ductwork. Why? They may not have the proper tools and experience to properly clean your air ducts. When cleaning isn’t properly executed, they could end up releasing contaminants or dirt into your home.

How cleaning is done:

They use specialized tools for dislodging dirt in the ducts and then vacuuming them out. In some cases, they may need to cut the ducts to make sure it’s properly clean. It needs to be carefully resealed or you may have other problems down the road.

When there is contamination, specialists will need to carefully vacuum whatever is blocking the ducts. To avoid problems, make sure that the cleaning specialist uses a HEPA filtration system for removing dirt. Ask whether they are certified to do air duct cleaning to prevent future duct issues.

Failing to conduct proper cleaning procedures will cause air problems indoors. In a worst-case scenario, an inexperienced air duct cleaner may even damage your entire HVAC system. To avoid costly repairs and even replacements down the road, get professional air duct cleaning services.

During the installation of your HVAC, work only with a qualified installer. Why? These people have worked with different HVAC models in residential homes. Their expertise and experience with HVAC installation ensure that your ductwork is properly installed. These service providers will also make sure that your HVAC works efficiently.

Ductwork that is not properly installed and ineffective filters can also cause contamination in the air ducts. This is why you need to work with professionals both with installation and cleaning. For the filters, check with your manufacturer as to which air filters are recommended for your HVAC system.

Additionally, it is not enough to just clean the air ducts, the entire system must be cleaned especially those components involved with delivering and removing air. Professional Ventura County air duct cleaning is important to ensure your air ducts work efficiently.


How Often Do You Need to Clean Air Ducts

The recommendation is for homeowners to clean their air ducts every 3-5 years or as needed. To those living with someone who has asthma or allergies, consider cleaning your air ducts annually.

To know whether your air ducts need cleaning,  inspect your vents and check whether there are insects inside. Their presence could mean that there might be insect infestation in the ductwork. Call a qualified contractor to properly clean the ductwork and the entire HVAC system.

You need to also watch out for the smell or presence of mold as they can be harmful to breathe in. Keep in mind that insects and rodents can also wreak havoc on your ductwork. They need to be removed right away to prevent further damage. A buildup of dust needs to be also removed as blockage prevents good airflow.

Homeowners are advised to get air duct cleaning after completing a home renovation project or when they have a lot of pets at home. Consider getting air duct cleaning too if you move into a new home or have just built a home.

When there is contamination, it is imperative that you hire only a certified cleaning specialist to make sure that your ductwork is completely clean and free of any dust or air contaminants.


Preventing Duct Contamination

There is a lot of dust coming from the farm fields in Ventura County. This is why homeowners need to make time for the proper cleaning of their homes. To prevent dust buildup in the ductwork, make sure that you regularly clean and vacuum your home. As much as possible, get a high-quality vacuum cleaner and high-efficiency filter bags.

You need to regularly clean and replace your air filters to prevent dust buildup. Always check for filter recommendations from the manufacturer to make sure it’s suitable for your HVAC system. During routine HVAC maintenance, ask your provider to clean all components including the drain pans and the cooling coils. If you’re remodeling, never use your HVAC until after you have cleaned up and removed all dirt and dust.


Improving Indoor Air Quality

Air duct contamination can affect the quality of your indoor air. Dirty air caused by molds or other pollutants can lead to a lot of health problems. It may cause health issues such as rhinitis, fever, chest tightness, dyspnea, cough, asthma and other infectious diseases.

When there is air duct contamination, make sure that you contact a service provider to help you properly clean the ductwork.

Below are a few things you can do to improve the air quality indoors:

  • Keep the humidity to below 50%
  • Manage exposure to pets
  • Regularly clean and vacuum upholstered furniture and carpets
  • Provide good ventilation for your home


Why You Need Professional Air Duct Cleaning

Hiring certified air duct cleaning specialists is beneficial. With the right training, experience and knowledge, they will make sure that your ducts are properly cleaned. The qualified specialist also follows NADCA’s procedures and they have the right tools and equipment for cleaning. With the right cleaning specialist, you get a cleaner living environment and reduced irritants in the air.


Is Cleaning the Ducts Worth It?

Ideally, you should clean the ducts every 3-5 years or as needed. However, it is up to homeowners whether they want to include air duct cleaning in their routine HVAC maintenance. It is completely up to them.

To some homeowners, they may consider having their ducts regularly cleaned simply because they know it will accumulate dirt over time. If cleaning the ducts make you more comfortable at home, then yes, it definitely is worth it. Just do make sure that you hire only reliable, experienced and trained duct cleaning specialists to ensure proper cleaning and to avoid damage to your HVAC system.

No studies have shown that duct cleaning can prevent health problems nor can it increase the dust levels in your homes for the dirt merely stays in the ducts. However, there are homeowners who prefer that all parts of their home are clean. This is perfectly okay as there is nothing wrong with cleaning the ducts. Just keep in mind to not fall for cheap air duct cleaning services as that may lead to damage to your heating and cooling, or expensive down the roads.

Work only with qualified service providers to ensure effective cleaning.


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