Heating & AC Maintenance

Kaiser Care – Maintenance Program


Kaiser Air Conditioning offers a cost-effective maintenance program for residential and commercial air conditioning (AC) and furnace service needs.  Our HVAC technicians will assist in protecting your investment through routine service to ensure your HVAC equipment operates in the most efficient manner for years to come.

Like an automobile, HVAC equipment requires periodic maintenance and check-ups to ensure that all components are working correctly. Unfortunately, this is one of those tasks that people tend to keep postponing to a more “convenient” time—until it’s too late. The simple fact is that furnace and AC preventative maintenance is your best policy for avoiding catastrophic—and expensive—problems down the road.

Dirty filters, a common issue in furnaces and AC units alike, can impede airflow and interfere with the overall efficiency of the equipment; therefore, it’s essential to change these components every so often. A proper AC and heater maintenance service program goes far beyond just this, however. You also need to inspect wires, fuses, fittings, and other parts for defects that can lead to serious problems.

Our HVAC maintenance program basically pays for itself by enhancing the energy efficiency of your unit. See below for additional information.

Key benefits of Kaiser Care are:

  • Discounted Diagnostic Fee
  • 15% Discounts on parts and repairs
  • Priority service for Premier Customers. We promise the most expedited service for our loyal customers.
  • Maintenance documentation and archiving in event of equipment warranty issue. Kaiser AC is there to ensure our customers are protected and receive the right help when needed.
  • Flexible payment options. Our goal is always to provide the most convenient terms for our customers.
  • Updates on any promotional offers
  • Cleaner, more efficient equipment
  • Replace filter for cleaner air
  • Peace of mind, knowing your system is operating safely.

Residential  Furnace (Forced Air unit) Maintenance Plan Details

  • Inspect proper venting of combustion.
  • Check for Carbon monoxide.
  • Check for gas leaks.
  • Check temperature differential.
  • Check air flow.
  • Clean furnace.
  • Check burner assembly.
  • Replace or clean air filter
  • Check motor performance
  • Check proper flame pattern
  • Check thermostat operation
  • Inspect heat exchanger
  • Inspect low & high voltage wiring for corrosion
  • Inspect low & high voltage wiring connections

Residential Air Conditioning Maintenance Plan Details

  • Check low & high voltage wiring for corrosion
  • Check & high high voltage wiring connections
  • Check fuses
  • Check fuse box
  • Tighten refrigeration caps and fittings
  • Check for proper condensation draining
  • Check refrigeration levels and pressures
  • Check compressor performance
  • Check fan motor performance
  • Clean Contactor
  • Clean Condenser coil
  • Check Capacitor

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