Prior to turning on your air conditioning system, it is a good idea to do some “DIY” maintenance and inspections to ensure it is ready for the warmer summer months and operating correctly. Before performing any of the steps below, shut off all breakers to the AC system.


Once the power has been shut off, you are ready to start your maintenance and inspection of the system, as follows:

  1. Remove any covers you placed over the outdoor condensing unit. Failing to remove the cover can cause the unit to overheat, burn out, and fail, requiring a new unit.
  2. Remove any debris from on top of and around the condensing unit. Brush off any dust, dirt, branches, and leaves, taking care to not get large pieces inside the system. Remove any dead leaves, bushes, and other vegetation from around the unit, so there are at least 18 inches of clearance on all sides.
  3. Give your condensing unit a bath. Using a hose and a spray nozzle set to a gentle setting, carefully spray down the unit. Remember to get in between the fins to remove dirt and debris, but keep the water at a distance to avoid bending and damaging the fins.
  4. Check any wiring for signs of “wear and tear.” Make sure wiring is not cracked or frayed, and that the plastic coating is not damaged, leaving exposed metal wiring.
  5. Change the air filter. Inside the home, make sure the air filter is clean and has been changed recently. If not, install a new filter.


Last, turn back on the breakers and set the thermostat low enough so the AC unit will turn on. Place your hands over the air vents to confirm cold air is coming into the home.

If you notice the air does not seem cool or the system is constantly running and not lowering the temperature inside the house, shut off the AC and contact Kaiser Air Conditioning at (805) 988-1800, as there is a problem with the system. Feel free to also call us if you would rather have a professional perform the above steps to get your AC ready for the summer.