In your home, high moisture levels can lead to several problems, including the formation of mold, the smell of mildew, and respiratory and other health issues. What’s worse, lack of furnace maintenance and other problems can cause excess moisture to be present in your home well before the above symptoms ever become evident. The following solutions can help restore your home’s humidity to acceptable levels.


The quickest and easiest thing you can do to reduce humidity levels is to ventilate. This can be done by opening windows and doors, turning on fans, and being aware of rooms and situations that cause excess moisture, such as kitchens and bathrooms. Consider installing fans which vent to the outside of your home in these areas.


Purchase a Hygrometer

A hygrometer measures moisture levels in a home and can be purchased at most hardware stores. The device will reveal much about indoor moisture levels and can help you to know when humidity increases beyond the optimal 30-50% range so that you can ventilate or take other action.


A dehumidifier is the ideal solution for homes that are older or otherwise insufficiently ventilated. For best results, ensure all doors and windows are closed, and that the unit is placed away from furniture and walls.


Air System Maintenance

It’s important to inspect your home’s air system for problems on a regular basis or hire a professional to perform AC and heating repair. Should the filters in your HVAC or air conditioning unit become clogged with dirt, your system will have to work harder to circulate air through your home and will add particles to indoor air.


Outdoor Water Flow

The ground next to your foundation should slope away from it at one inch per foot. As well, your gutters and downspouts should undergo regular inspection and cleaning to ensure they are doing their job of directing rainwater from the roof down and away from your foundation.
Reducing indoor humidity can save you money and improve your health. Contact Kaiser Air Conditioning at (805) 988-1800 to speak with a specialist about your options.