If you notice large accumulations of dust within a few days of dusting off furniture and other items within the home, it means your heating vents need to be cleaned and could indicate there is dust inside the HVAC system, which is not good.

For serious dust problems, you will want to schedule duct cleaning with a furnace repair service company, like us, here at Kaiser Air Conditioning. Reaching all areas of the duct work can be challenging and requires special equipment.

Aside from a detailed duct cleaning, there are several things you can do yourself to help reduce the amount of dust in the home. You will need several different things, most of which you probably own, or which are easy to acquire, as follows:

  • Vacuum Cleaner with Detachable Hose
  • New Furnace Filters
  • Paper Towels
  • Scrub Brush
  • Step Ladder
  • Screwdriver

Start by shutting off the system at the thermostat. Make sure the fan is also shut off or in the “auto” position. The last thing you want is dust blowing around the rooms while you are trying to clean.

  1. Remove Register Covers – Use a screwdriver to remove register covers and set aside. TIP: Use a small plastic storage container to place the screws in so they do not get misplaced.
  2. Vacuum Out the Inside of Register Vents – Vacuum out all areas inside the register you can reach. TIP: Avoid using the brush attachment because it may accidently fall off.
  3. Wipe Out the Inside with Dampened Paper Towels – Moisten the paper towels with some water and wipe down all areas inside that you can reach. Use a dry paper towel to dry the areas.
  4. Wash Register Covers – You can wash register vents in a sink of mild dish soap, rinse, and dry fully before you reinstall them over vent openings.
  5. Clean the Return Air Vent – Open the return air vent and vacuum and wipe away all dust. You can use the brush attachment here.
  6. Replace the Furnace Filter – Install a new furnace filter.

Before turning the furnace back on, you can also clean around the furnace and dust it off. For more cleaning tips or to schedule furnace maintenance or duct work cleaning, please feel free to contact Kaiser Air Conditioning at (805) 988-1800 today!