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Camarillo HVAC Services: Quality you can Trust

Founded in 1981, Kaiser Air Conditioning has decades of experience in providing top-notch HVAC services to commercial and residential clients in Camarillo, California and surrounding communities. As a family-owned business, we take pride in giving our customers the personalized attention they deserve—integrity and up-to-date expertise is what we’re all about.


Our installation and maintenance services include the following:

When you need high-grade air conditioning, heating, or furnace units, you can depend on Kaiser to offer the best appliances from today’s top manufacturers. We operate a local full-service sheet metal fabrication facility that can create custom ducting, roofing, siding, and decorative metal products at a reasonable price. You can also depend on us to provide timely, cost-effective maintenance solutions so you can get the most out of your investment for years to come. We have experience with all air conditioning and heating brands: Amana, Carrier, Ducane, Maytag, Lennox, Mitsubishi, Rheem, Samsung, Sanyo, and more. We’re committed to helping our customers enjoy the benefits of world-class HVAC equipment. That’s why we supply a range of flexible financing options. Feel free to check out our latest promotions for deals you don’t want to miss. Headquartered in Oxnard, Kaiser can provide timely HVAC installation and maintenance service to our customers in Camarillo, CA and throughout Los Angeles and Ventura counties as well. Contact us today with your air conditioning, heating, and furnace needs—we can be reached by phone at (805) 312-9191.

Heating and Cooling Services in Camarillo, CA

For decades, Kaise Air Conditioning has helped Camarillo folks stay cool in summer and warm in winter. Offering…

  1. Speedy Emergency HVAC Services
  2. Comprehensive System Servicing
  3. Routine Maintenance Packages tailored for today’s homes

With these three main areas of service to Camarillo homeowners and business owners, we help ensure optimal efficiency and peak performance for all types of HVAC systems in all types of home and commercial environments.

(805) 312-9191

Call Us- We’re Standing By for All Your HVAC Needs!

Need Emergency HVAC Help?

Call us and we’ll promptly send out a technician to diagnose your problem and get your system back up and running again.   

Our loyal customers can attest to our speedy emergency services, delivered by helpful, friendly, knowledgeable technicians. Just check out some of our testimonials and you’ll see why Kaiser AC is Camarillo’s most trusted and beloved provider of emergency HVAC services.   

HVAC System Servicing

Not every malfunctioning HVAC is an emergency. We also do repair and replacement services at any scheduled time for your convenience and comfort.


HVAC Installation and Replacement in Ventura and Los Angeles Counties

We dispatch technicians who have developed long-standing relationships with the brands they service! Through regular training, repeated contact, and tons of experience working on local HVAC systems in Ventura and Los Angeles counties, each team member is proud to have developed extensive knowledge of the systems found in today’s homes.

We work with virtually any brand and any model of HVAC equipment, keeping your downtime to a minimum when things go wrong.

How do You Know When it’s Time for a Replacement?

Ventura and Los Angeles Counties’ long, hot summers can put a strain on Air Conditioning systems. Accumulated heat stress on the equipment can mean your system’s performance will degrade over time. Once it reaches minimum operating standards, the cost of repeated and frequent repairs can really wreak havoc on your budget.

That usually means it’s time for a replacement. We help Camarillo residents and business owners find that sweet spot between cost-effective repairs and an efficient new system overhaul.

For lots of homeowners, the promise of improved energy efficiency makes the choice between repairs and replacement an easy one to make. According to Maytag, one of the top brands we work with,

We Work With Trusted Brands

If you’re building a home, installation is one of our specialties, too. We are a dealer of many of the industry’s top brands and have the honor of being a Dave Lennox Premier Dealer.

Modern air conditioning equipment (and heating appliances) keep your indoor air comfortable and clean while consuming far less energy than old HVAC systems. Kaiser AC helps Camarillo-area customers with new installations,  designing customized systems according to the unique goals of each client. We run professional-grade calculations to arrive at the precise specs required for each room in the house.

To reach your comfort goals, efficiency goals, and budget goals, we take into consideration a wide range of factors, including:

  • The micro-local climate of your location within Ventura or Los Angeles County as well as the climate history
  • The size of your home
  • The level of insulation in your home
  • The level of leakage in your present ducts
  • The heating and cooling load generated by the occupants of your home

If you’re ready for a new installation, we will come to your home and provide a free estimate and answer your HVAC installation questions.

Call for a Free Home Estimate

Routine Maintenance

Does your HVAC system need a tune-up? Keep everything running smoothly and efficiently by taking good care of your HVAC system. Here’s how…

Your HVAC Needs Some TLC

Taking good care of your system means scheduling routine maintenance with a qualified HVAC professional — one who knows Camarillo and surrounding areas and who knows the types of issues to specifically look for.

It’s the best way to make sure you’re getting maximum performance from your heating and cooling systems. It’s also the best way to avoid expensive repairs in the future.


HVAC Maintenance is More Important Than You Think

A funny thing about HVAC systems is that homeowners typically don’t think about them until they’re surprised by a breakdown. Years of working with Camarillo residents has taught us that most folks just don’t think about their HVAC systems because they don’t actually see them every day. In most homes, the components of your typical HVAC system are hidden away… in the basement, on the roof, outside behind the shrubbery, for example.

That makes it easy to forget about maintenance.

Time and time again, our emergency service calls are to homes where something has broken down but the situation could have been avoided with regular checkups. You wouldn’t neglect your car, would you? What would happen to your daily commute if you never got the oil changed in your car? Or how well would it run if you didn’t occasionally take it in for a tune-up? Who wants to risk breaking down on the 101 halfway to L.A.? Well, it’s the same for your HVAC system.

Who wants to risk a broken AC during the sweltering months of July?

Aside from pitching a tent in the higher elevations of Point Mugu State Park, what recourse do you have when your AC breaks down and it’s 88 degrees outside? You could:

  • Kill time at by bowling at Harley’s
  • See where your tax dollars are going and surf the web on the public computers at Camarillo Public Library
  • Swim some laps in the indoor pools at the Pleasant Valley Aquatic Center
  • Get some retail therapy at the Premium Outlets on Ventura Blvd
  • Learn some history at the World War II Aviation Museum

But seriously, the only real answer when your AC is broken is a fast, reliable service technician who can rush to your home and rescue your HVAC system… and you! And Kaiser AC is known for speedy emergency HVAC services.

Get Help Now

But we don’t like to see our customers go through the panic and discomfort of having their systems break down.

We’d rather keep things in tip-top shape for them with regular maintenance… TLC, if you will! And for many, it goes beyond being an issue of comfort…it’s a health issue. Even if you live in the breezy coastal areas of Oxnard and Ventura, going without AC can be a health hazard. Hot weather can significantly increase the chances of heat exhaustion, especially for small children and seniors.

That’s why an HVAC maintenance plan is more important than most people think. It can be a matter of safety for a significant portion of our population throughout Camarillo and Ventura and Los Angeles Counties.

Technicians Putting Years of Camarillo-Specific Expertise to Work for You

Our professionally-trained HVAC team knows how to keep Camarillo residents comfortable, no matter what season it is. They’re aware of the special issues that come with living in this beautiful Southern California climate, such as long, hot summers. It’s what we call “localized knowledge” and our technicians are trained to take your home’s unique setting and location into account while performing maintenance services on your HVAC system.

In Los Angeles and Ventura counties, for example, one main concern stems from how hard our air conditioning systems work for us throughout the year. The Kaiser AC team has experience spotting signs of wear and tear specific to our region because of heavy AC use.

And it doesn’t hurt that our technicians have years of hands-on experience. It helps them understand your system’s needs. Localized knowledge and hands-on experience… it’s how we keep your system running at its optimal performance so you stay comfortable all year long.

It’s also how we help our customers get many years out of their HVAC systems. Having your air conditioner checked and maintained regularly by a qualified HVAC technician makes sense for so many reasons! Air conditioners and heating systems that are given careful attention and which are constantly fine-tuned to perform at the best will return the favor — they tend to hold up longer, providing comfort far longer than systems that are neglected.

But what exactly do you get with an HVAC maintenance plan?  

What Can a Kaiser AC Maintenance Plan Do for You?

A maintenance plan from Kaiser Air Conditioning can help you ensure longevity and peak performance from your HVAC system. Chances are your HVAC system is one of the biggest investments you’ve made for your home. It keeps you cool in the long hot summers we have here in Camarillo and provides just a touch of the heat you need to stay warm and toasty during our short winters.  

Find the Right Plan

But is the cost of annual maintenance really worth it? Besides you and your family’s comfort (and health), here’s what a Kaiser AC HVAC maintenance plan can do for you:


  • Keeps energy bills down. Even when there’s no evidence of a problem with your HVAC system, it might not be running at peak performance. Neglecting the maintenance can mean your system loses its ability to be efficient and will consume more energy.
  • Keeps families safe. Hidden and silent problems with your HVAC system can pose dangers to the home’s residents. For example, carbon monoxide can leak from a cracked furnace, causing the air inside your home to become deadly. Faulty wires that go unchecked can lead to a short circuit. That’s a major fire hazard.
  • Helps appliances and equipment last longer. Like any complex system, HVAC systems are a network of interrelated parts and equipment. When one component isn’t functioning properly, that can begin to have a domino effect on the rest of the system.
  • Reduces the need for service calls. That domino effect can not only shorten the lifespan of your equipment. It can also mean more frequent service calls, too. We’ve seen the results of skipping on regular maintenance far too often: systems that break down … and keep on breaking down due to harsh wear-and-tear on the components due to neglect.
  • Fulfills your manufacturer’s warranty requirements. Almost every major HVAC manufacturer has provisions calling for regular maintenance of their equipment. Our plans keep you in compliance so you can take full advantage of your warranty if you should need to at any point.


What a Typical Maintenance Plan Looks Like for the Camarillo Area

Here’s what our plans cover*:

  • Furnace Maintenance
    • Blower cleaning & lubrication
    • Air duct cleaning
    • Inspection
    • Filter changes
    • Check for Carbon Monoxide and gas leaks
    • Clean furnace and burner
    • And more
  • Air Conditioning Maintenance
    • Check the wiring for corrosion
    • Check wiring connections
    • Check fuses and fuse box
    • Clean condenser coils and contactor
    • And more

*Different types of plans cover different services. For complete information, check the details on our Heating & AC Maintenance page.

So why not protect your investment with a maintenance plan from a trusted HVAC specialist like Kaiser AC? Call our office and we can walk you through the steps to find a package that’s right for you.

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