Imagine your AC burns out in the midst of a heat wave and you don’t have a maintenance plan to cover repair costs. Not only will you go through the pain of calling around and waiting for an available technician, but you’ll also feel the financial strain from repairs.

Maintenance plans are designed for this reason – simply, to ensure that installed units provide the ultimate overall comfort and experience for you and your family.

Maybe you’ve considered servicing but you’re concerned about cost and wondering what it covers anyway.

There is a list of reasons to invest in this option for your HVAC unit, and we’re going through all of them so that you can make an educated decision when determining your budget.

Read on for a comprehensive breakdown of the benefits for your business’ or family’s most reliable appliance.


Of course a maintenance plan will provide for testing and inspections of your residential or commercial air conditioning and furnace unit because essentially, that’s what a maintenance plan does. A certified, trained technician will be assigned to your unit and he or she will perform all the diagnostics in a couple of hours.

If something is wrong, it will get fixed. If nothing is wrong, they’ll check it all out anyway.

Some things that will be included in inspections with a scheduled maintenance appointment are:

  • Low & high voltage wiring corrosion
  • Low & high voltage wiring connections
  • Fuses and fuse box
  • Refrigeration caps and fittings
  • Condensation draining
  • Refrigeration levels and pressures
  • Compressor performance
  • Fan motor performance
  • Clean contactor
  • Clean condenser coil
  • Capacitor check


Some other things to look for in a maintenance plan:

  • Check temperatures on air handler
  • Temperatures and air flow across condenser coil
  • Testing of operation for condensation system and evaporator coil
  • Cleaning of evaporator coil drain line

Most companies include a safety check in their plan that may also check the air quality and provide options for improving it.

All of these checkpoints and tests will ensure that your system is working properly and help avoid malfunctions in the future.

Prevent a Breakdown

Perhaps the number one reason to invest in a maintenance plan is to prevent breakdowns in the future.

Breakdowns are not only costly but also most often happen during a heat wave or an incredibly cold spell, when your air conditioning or heating unit is working at full capacity without a break. When your system has been routinely checked and maintained by a service technician that is licensed and trained, you can rest easy.

It’s really time to start thinking of your HVAC unit just like you do your car. Maintenance equals performance, which equals savings.

Save Money with a Maintenance Plan

It may seem like a service plan is costing money but when you factor in the savings over time, it’s really no comparison. The return on investment is huge when you consider what it costs for an emergency service call or replacement.

Tune ups, just like for your car, ensure that the unit is fully operational and all the bells and whistles are functioning properly. Also, that all the non-working bells and whistles are replaced.

Servicing is all about saving you money, time, and headache. Look at these money saving reasons:

  • Increase unit efficiency and save 30-40%
  • Emergency services amount to 20% more per call
  • Decrease monthly bills with energy efficient savings

It’s a few dollars for added peace of mind and overall comfort for your business or family. Get the maintenance plan, it could even save your life.

Detect Carbon Monoxide 

Proper servicing of your HVAC unit involves a carbon monoxide test because a malfunctioning unit can secretly be emitting this dangerous fume into your environment. Without servicing, detecting carbon monoxide could be lingering, unsafely, in the air where you work or live.

According to the US Center for Disease Control (CDC) carbon monoxide can cause symptoms of headaches, nausea and fatigue with prolonged exposure.

Carbon monoxide does not have an odor and it is tasteless and colorless therefore making it extremely difficult to detect. With scheduled maintenance of your working unit, lives can literally be saved.



Cleaning of your equipment not only improves indoor air quality and ensures the unit is working at efficient levels, but also provides a safer breathing environment.

The quality of the air you are breathing is critical to your overall health and there are masses of what is called ‘particulate matter’ floating around your home or office. Some of this matter may or may not have harmful or immediate effects.

With a maintenance plan, your unit will always be clean and fresh, limiting, if not eliminating pathogens and allergens from escaping through your vents.

It’s also important to change the filters in your furnace or air conditioning unit frequently. This not only keeps the unit running smoothly, but also keeps the air clean as it filters through the unit and back into the space where you work or live.



Don’t even be hesitant to invest in regular servicing of your HVAC unit. Remember that the savings, in the long run, are actually hidden in plain sight when you consider other varying costs over the life of the unit. It’s definitely worth it.

Untimely breakdowns and bad air quality can affect and severely interrupt your lifestyle. Doing it yourself may not provide the same effect without specialized tools, knowledge, and training.

You can always help your technician out by keeping fresh, clean, new air filters on hand and replacing them yourself when you think about it.

Overall, there’s no reason not to invest in a maintenance plan. It saves money, time, energy on everybody’s end and it could even save your life.

If you still have questions and/or you’re considering this option for your home or business, visit Kaiser Air Conditioning online or call (805) 988-1800!