If you’re a pet owner, you know that pets are family members. Therefore, their safety is of the utmost importance. Although having a heating and AC service in your home is a great solution for sweltering summer and cooler winter temperatures, it can be hazardous to your pets unless certain steps are taken.


  1. The Right Temperature

Pets are unable to communicate when temperatures become uncomfortable for them. In the summer, pets will shed, reduce their movement, and pant to stay cool. However, you can make it easier for them by setting your thermostat to between 78 and 80 degrees, which will keep things comfortable.


In winter, pets’ coats will become thicker, but this doesn’t mean that you can turn your system off; allowing temperatures to drop too suddenly can harm pet health. Instead, ensure that your thermostat is set to between 66 and 68 degrees and no lower.


  1. Restrict Access

Pets that are able to access your home’s HVAC equipment are at very real risk of injury. A good idea is to identify any areas around equipment where pets can become stuck, and then fence or otherwise block access to those areas. If the HVAC system is located in the basement, restrict access by closing and locking the door.


Another way to restrict access is to ensure that every vent is covered. This will prevent pets from becoming stuck or injured when they investigate or walk across them. For additional security, place a piece of furniture in front of the vent to restrict pet access.


  1. Clean Filters and Check System

If you find pet hair in your home, it’s likely that it’s also become trapped in your air conditioning system’s filters and elsewhere. This can cause your system to run far less efficiently, as well as result in irreversible damage if left unchecked. Regular filter cleaning and professional maintenance will keep your HVAC system running smoothly.


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